Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Something different

Who goes to a Marshall University football game...
  • And shows up extra, extra, extra early to not miss the pre game?
  • And wishes the pre-game show led directly to half time?
  • And resents the piped-in music?
  • And claps when the band plays Sons of Marshall to encourage the band, not to welcome the team?
  • And has a heart thrill at the national anthem because the trumpets take the melody?
  • And brings a camera, but never takes a picture of the team?
  • And sees the game clock as a countdown to the halftime show?
  • And thinks the score is how many times she could hear the trumpets?
  • And doesn't think it necessary that the football players wear numbers on their uniforms but wishes the band members did?
  • And leaves the game at half time thinking the best is over?
This band-mom, that's who!



Blogger birdwatcher said...

I think you could substitute any college/university name and describe all "band moms".

9:57 AM  

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