Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tear Open the Roof!

Continuing from yesterday, what would motivate a group of friends to cut a whole in the ceiling of a room and lower their friend through it to reach Jesus? The crowd was too big to allow them access.

In our churches, do we ever get between God and the one who needs healing? What do we do to prevent someone from getting close enough to God? How do we keep people out of church?

So often, when we talk about this question, the answer that comes back is blank stares. "I have always found this church to be friendly and inviting."  As happy as I am to hear that, I know that there is probably someone who didn't enter the church, or who did, and who didn't find it to be a welcoming place. We don't ask that person the same question, because that person isn't in church.

So we have to consider the question ourselves instead. What keeps people out of your church? What about your church stands between the lost and lonely and God? What barriers do you (do we) need to tear down to move someone closer to God?

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