Thursday, September 17, 2015

Two Disciplines

I've picked up two disciplines lately.

First, I'm back to blogging.  To many people that would not seem to be a discipline, but I find to be.  Giving intentional thought to matters of faith, daily, has an impact on my journey.  I've noticed it, even in just the last few days.  I think about God more, I watch for God more, I note God's presence more.  All of that, I think, makes me open to God more.  It might be someone odd to do that kind of journaling online (which is what blogging is to me), but I find it helpful.  And hopeful.

Secondly, as I mentioned a few days ago, I'm serving on the prayer team for an Emmaus Walk.  This is a new role for me - I think I've done every lay role now except for music (which no one would ever want me to do!).  After I said yes to the walk lay director, I started thinking about serving in the prayer chapel. Previously, I had served as media tech, and that position requires much preparation (at least it does for me to be comfortable on a walk).  I wondered what kind of prep work would be helpful for a person serving in the prayer chapel.  Hmm.  Prayer, I think.  So I started a prayer journal for the walk.  I try (especially recently) to write my prayers in it daily.  It's helpful.  And I hope that it prepares me for the task of praying during the weekend.

What disciplines can you pick up that would be helpful and hopeful for you?  It's such an individual decision - you need to decide what is best for who you are.  God's blessings on your decision.

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