Friday, September 18, 2015

Song without speech

I have the blog RevGalBlogPals as part of my Feedly feed.  Each week they have a Tuesday Lectionary post.  I particularly liked this week's - you can read it here.

One of the questions from the post:
Are your ears listening deeply for that song without speech or tune that is sung unceasingly by the heavens and the earth, resonating through our beings until it is sung by our own tongues? (Psalm 19)

I am a card maker.  One of my new stamps is a sentiment that says, "Shine bright."  Ok, the grammar is bad, but I like it - it reminds me of the song Shine, Jesus, Shine.

Jesus shines on us - what will be our response?  God surrounds us, all the time.  What will be our response?  Are we listening for the song of God that is song over us, all the time, without fail?  Are we open enough to allow the song to resonate through us, so strongly that it moves us to speak the word of God?

Do we shine, with our words and with our actions?  It seems like if we are open to the work of God, that we would have a better chance of stopping a tuning fork from singing after it is struck than we would be able to stop ourselves from singing God's song with our lives.  It would vibrate through us.



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