Monday, September 21, 2015


In the past, I have taken up the practice of listing 3 "things" for which I am grateful.  It's a nice practice, and it is an intentional way to move one's mind away from negative thoughts - it is a way to see those things that are good (Philippians 4:8).

Today, as I sat down with my Emmaus prayer journal, I couldn't find an entrance to prayer.  I wrote the word Grateful, and thought about those 3 things for which I am grateful.  My mind moved the letters, and I wondered if I could change the list a little, so that each item began with a letter from the word.  Which is what I did:


Grapes: the sweet taste of grapes with cheddar and pretzels and conversation with Steve as we fixed dinner.
Rain: not always my favorite weather, but it brought coolness
Amens: the reminder this week of the blessings disciplines can be in spiritual life, and my current practice of intentional prayer time
Time together: early this week with family
Encouragement: the opportunity to encourage others; the experience of being encouraged
Flavor; the joy that taste can bring; the spice that spontaneity brings to life; the joy of friends
Understanding: seeking to learn and understand more of what seems difficult
Love: being loved, loving

Note about image:  This past year at the beach, we watched a thunderstorm on the ocean.  The lightning flashes were almost constant, and I was able to catch this one with the camera.  Another one of those "take a million pictures, and hope one is good" occasions.



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