Thursday, September 03, 2015

Returning to blogging

Good morning!

I'm back after an unexpected blog sabbatical for the summer.  Back in June, I hadn't given much thought to taking time off - in fact I assumed I would continue writing over the summer, but once June started, the blog dropped down on my priority list.

In our annual conference, early June is when we have our Annual Conference (sorry, if you are not United Methodist, then that sentence will make no sense.  The annual conference is both a geographic area and an annual meeting).  Following that meeting began a time of unexpected busyness at work, as as one employee retired and another one moved to another city.  My work load increased dramatically for a time.

As is usual, when you are stretched beyond what you know, you find opportunities for growth, and I have.  I've learned more than I ever knew about how the programs in our office operate, and I count that as good news.  We have two new employees who are learning what they need to know to do their work, and my schedule is returning to normal.

During the summer we took vacation time at the beach (I'll show you pictures in the next few weeks). In May our older son graduated from college and started a new job, and our younger son prepared for his sophomore year in college.

Steve and I have traveled around the state (pictures, again), helped with vacation Bible school, and spent a weekend in Pittsburgh.  I'm part of an Emmaus team, serving in the prayer chapel, which is a new experience for me.

All that said, I apologize for disappearing without a trace, but my plan is to return to regular blogging, starting today.



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Just discovered are back - and so glad to see you.

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