Thursday, May 28, 2015

Do we "get it?"

I'm teaching our Bible Study this week.  We're on the fourth chapter of Adam Hamilton's book, Revival; this is the chapter called The Necessity of Grace.

Hamilton says Paul uses the Greek word charis to refer to grace.  He defines it as "an expression of selfless love that is completely undeserved and is given without any expectation of repayment."  Oddly enough, in the middle of typing that sentence, my phone rang.  It was a person I know asking me to do an incredibly easy favor.  I said yes, and she thanked me and said, "so is there anything I can do for you?"

Do we "get" grace?  Do we understand kindness?  Are we willing to accept an act of grace for what it is - totally unmerited and unearned?  Do we offer grace with the understanding that we are to expect nothing in return?  Our society doesn't live into that ideal; each item given is in exchange for something else.

Can we accept unearned kindness?  Do we think it is our just due?  Or do we think we must "return the favor?"  And if we give of ourselves, do we expect to receive back?  I think, if we don't learn to give and receive without expectation of exchange, then we will never "get" grace.

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