Monday, June 08, 2015

Both/And Faith

A paragraph from Adam Hamilton's book, Revival:
Do you have a "both/and" faith? Do you recognize the importance of both a personal walk with Christ and a gospel that is lived out by good works?  Do you seek to love God with your mind, your heart, and your strength?  Does your faith reflect both sides of the gospel?
Wesley's Methodism started with small groups, meeting together for reasons of sanctification - to grow in Christ.  The work didn't stop there, however.  Wesley visited prisons and the sick, he fed the hungry and advocated for the poor.  There was both a personal gospel side and a social gospel side to his faith.  Do our faith and actions reflect that?  Do we grow in holiness and yet ignore the hungry? Do we visit the sick and yet have no relationship with God?  What is your weaker side?  What is mine?

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