Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Science and God

In reading Mike Slaughter's book, Renegade Gospel, I found a wonderful quote from Dr. Francis S. Collins, the head of the Humane Genome Project.

The purpose of this project was to map out and sequence the entire genome of the human species. When I worked in medical research, this was a fascinating idea to me, full of potential for scientific advancement and medical breakthroughs, and I still feel that way.

I imagine Dr. Collins is a very scientifically oriented person. What might surprise some is that he also wrote the book The Language of God.  He argues, "belief in God can be an entirely rational choice and that the principles of faith are, in fact complementary with the principles of science."  Slaughter says that Collins called the sequencing of the human genome, "both a stunning scientific achievement and an occasion of worship."

In a society where we so often think science and faith are opposites that should never mix, this is a breath of fresh air.  And it rings of truth. Science is God's art, and the study of it is an occasion for us to delve deeper into the ways of God.  I am a scientist and a lay minister, and I find those two parts of me are actually so intertwined as to be one.  They do not contradict each other but instead enhance each other.

For those who feel differently, I urge you to have a stronger faith that is not threatened by science. Science reveals God in a way that would please God, I believe.

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