Monday, January 12, 2015


Last Friday, I wrote about the (unconfirmed) idea that Columbus wrote at the end of each journal entry that they were "moving westward."

In the United Methodist Church, when a person is being ordained, he or she is asked if s/he is "going on to perfection."  I told a Sunday school class that once, and they didn't believe me.  There are those among us who would never say that they are going on to perfection.

Are we?

Are we moving westward toward error free living?  No.  Do I think Wesley thought we were?  No.

What about wholeness?  What about communion with God?  What about moving toward who God created us to be?  I hope we can all say "Yes" to those measurements.  At the end of the day, can we say that we have moved westward toward perfection?  It might be a good evaluation to do each day.

Without movement toward perfection, its doubtful anyone could answer yes to the next question, "Do you expect to be made perfect in love in this life?"



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