Friday, January 09, 2015

Moving Westward

In my short exploration of Google, I can't find any support for this statement, but in a sermon a couple of weeks ago, the minister told us that at the end of every journal entry Christopher Columbus made, he said something like, "and we moved westward."

He knew his goal, and even when the days were filled with setbacks, he saw movement toward his goal.

I'm working with a Strategic Planning committee at our church.  I have this feeling that in order to move toward where we want to be as a church - where God wants us to be - we need to be able to state the goal.  My organized mind wants to state a goal and make a plan to reach it - then spend time as we move seeing if we are "moving westward."


  1. I think to make a plan, we have to have a destination.
  2. I think without constant evaluation of our direction, we will forget where we are going, and forget to adjust our path to aim for it.  Instead, we will continue to do what we have always done.
  3. I think that measuring our progress gives us hope that we are actually moving toward the goal.

Prayers that today you and I will move westward.

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