Monday, January 05, 2015


You can really tell when I'm reading a book, because I end up writing about it a lot on the blog - at least if its good, I do.  Adam Hamiilton's Not a Silent Night is a good one.

I'm still reading the chapter about Jesus in the temple.  As Jesus was listening and asking questions in the temple, and responding, those around him were amazed.  Hamilton says the Greek word used is "existemi."  It's the same word Mark uses when he describes the disciples response to Jesus walking on water.  It isn't just a "wow, isn't he great," kind of remark.  It's utter astonishment.  Awe, and maybe some fear.

We put angels on our trees and packages at Christmas, and we think they are beautiful, but that's not the response that those in the Bible had to angels -- they were always afraid.  Utterly astonished.

I don't mean that we should be afraid of God, but sometimes I think we've tamed God a little bit - or tamed our responses to God.  If we saw God, experienced God, believed in God, wouldn't our response sometimes be existemi?

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