Thursday, January 08, 2015


I read this on Facebook this past weekend:
"To pronounce a blessing on something is to see it from the divine perspective.  To pronounce a blessing is to participate in God's own initiative.  To pronounce a blessing is to share in God's own audacity"  - Barbara Brown Taylor, An Altar in the World
What or who do we bless?  We say a blessing at meal times, we bless someone when he sneezes, we might say a prayer of blessing about our children, the pastor might say a benediction, which seems to me to be a sort of blessing.

What does it mean to see something from the divine perspective?  I wonder if it means to see people and gifts as they might be - as God intends them to be.  It is a kind of transformation, isn't it?  To see something with God's eyes changes it - recreates it, or at least recreates how we see it.

To pray a blessing is to shine the light of God on something or someone.  When we bless the food we've been given, we might be seeing it as a gift from God rather than a hotdog.  When we bless the offering after it has been given, we can see it as the means to do God's work instead of pieces of paper and round coins.  When we bless a person, do we begin to see him as the person God created rather than through our own eyes, clouded by unforgiveness and judgment?

Perhaps we should be saying more prayers of blessing, if only to change our perspective.



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