Friday, December 05, 2014

Two views

Last Sunday we celebrated communion at our church.  Plans became scrambled, however, and no bread was available for the early service.  An industrious volunteer and the associate pastor found the only bread in the church - croissants.  Picture for a moment the pastor of the church breaking the bread - but it was a tiny, little croissant.  It was just a little hilarious looking.

As I thought about that this morning, I see two ways to take the metaphor.

First, the image of manna comes to mind.  God provides what is needed.  We didn't have bread, but the determination to celebrate communion lead two people to find the bread, whatever the bread might be.  We should be that determined to do God's work.

The other image that comes to mind, in complete opposition to the first, is that sometimes we reduce God to something small and a tiny bit hilarious.  It isn't God's nature, but we are too small to imagine how big God can be.  We develop a model of a stingy God, and we act as if we have to grudingly give God away in small, little pieces.

Which way appeals to you?  Which model do you put into place?



Blogger bob said...

I'm glad your back and hope your sabbatical has replenished your spirit.

4:10 AM  

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