Thursday, October 09, 2014

Numbering our days

I read a chapter from J. Ellsworth Kalas' book I Bought a House on Gratitude Street this morning. The chapter concerned numbering your days.

The picture in the post today is a sunrise image I snapped with my iPhone yesterday morning.  It doesn't do justice to what I was seeing which was beautiful.  This sunrise followed a lunar eclipse (6:25am the same morning).  I caught just the tail end of the eclipse.

My question to you today is this:  how do we number our days?  Consider that.

I think the answer is multi-dimensional, but I propose that one way we do it is to slow down and pay attention.  See what God is doing around you, whether it is a sunrise or an eclipse.  It might be that God is at work in the grumpy person next to you in line or the child with the sticky face who is screaming in the restaurant. Where is God at work?  How can we get involved in that?



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