Thursday, December 04, 2014

Seeing Jesus

I just started reading Adam Hamilton's book, Not a Silent Night.  The premise of the book is to look at Jesus through Mary's (his mother's) eyes.
I started me thinking.  We all have a way we look at Jesus.  Do we ever wonder what Jesus looks like to someone else?

  • To some, does he seem to be a myth?
  • A fairy tale, with an ultimately happy ending?
  • Do some see him as judgmental, as he counts sheep and goats?
  • Is he a lawyer, defending or prosecuting us to God?
  • Is he sweet, gentle and mild, not prone to times of anger?
  • Or is it the Jesus of the temple, turning over stalls in anger that occupies some people's minds?
  • Is Jesus meaningless?
  • Mysterious?
  • Mystical?
  • Miraculous?
  • Is he an ancient prophet to some, who has no bearing on our times?
  • Is he absent?

How do other people see Jesus?  How do you see Jesus?  Is it time to share your witness with others? How has God changed your life?  Would someone else benefit from seeing Jesus through your eyes?



Blogger birdwatcher said...

Thanks for coming back and again stirring my brain. Recently I have been hearing, "if not you, then who..." and your post fed right into that.

8:50 AM  

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