Friday, February 28, 2014

You have all you need

Order of Worship, Prayer beads,
pens, Emmaus Cross
(from when I was Walk Lay Director)
Tuesday I prepared for a gathering of the committee of which I am now the chairperson.  The plan was to hold a worship service during which we would attempt to discern God's mission and will for the work we are to do.  Knowing it was worship, I spent a few minutes in prayer in the chapel in our building.

The day was dreary when I went into the chapel.  One wall has several stained glass windows that face the street, but they were rather dim when I went into the room.  As I was praying, mainly just being silent, I could tell that the light level in the room was increasing.  I opened my eyes; sunlight was streaming through the stained glass, reflecting off the shiny wood floors - white light, colored light.  It was absolutely beautiful, and it truly felt like I was surrounded by God.

The words - not my words -
in my head as I prayed were "You have all you need."  That's the message I took to my committee.  In a time of tightening budgets and decreasing membership, we have all we need to do what God is calling us to do.

I think that's a message for more than just one committee.  (And for those who are veterans of the Walk to Emmaus and are part of a reunion group, that was my "moment when I felt closest to Christ.")

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