Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How Blessed You Are

Later this spring I'll be serving as the Media person on a Walk to Emmaus team.  Part of the preparation for that event is team meetings when we preview talks.  One of the previewers this past weekend said that someone told her, "I can see how blessed you are."

The phrase struck me.  How wonderful is it that someone could see how God had blessed the person in front of her?   Do we live our lives so that someone else can see how blessed we are?

How do we live that kind of life?  As I think about it:

  1. Do we recognize our own blessings?  I think in order for someone else to see how God has blessed us, we need to see it ourselves.  Are you thankful?  Am I?  How have you been blessed?
  2. Does my complaining and ranting overshadow the visibility of my blessings?  How will someone ever see how blessed I am if all I ever do is complain about my problems?  I think this one relates to number 1, because if we become aware of our blessings we might be less vocal about our problems.
  3. Does Christ shine from my life?  That one is harder to define and to answer.  I think if we move into and stay in a relationship with God, the God will take care of this one.  God will shine forth; it's inevitable.

So, go shine and show those around you how blessed you are.  Today, I'll try to do the same.



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