Wednesday, February 26, 2014

At the Fringes

Joe preached a great sermon this past Sunday. He talked about how the Church has lost its place in the center of influence.  We look back at past glory days and yearn to return to that, but is that really our place anyway?

There is much talk among Foundations about being fringe organizations.  United Methodist Foundations are separate, legally, from the Church.  We are told, and we realize, that from this place in the fringes, we can do transformative ministry that can help the Church.

If that is true, then isn't it just as true that if the Church is on the fringes, we have a great opportunity for ministry?  If we are not the center, then what wonderful influence can we have from the fringes.

If you consider the life of Jesus, didn't he minister from the fringes?  And didn't he minister to those who were at the fringes?

Perhaps we should stop yearning to be at the center and realize that this is our place, here on the fringes.



Blogger Dr. Tony said...

First, I would like to know your thoughts about becoming/being a certified lay minister. Unfortunately, the link you have goes to the GBOD website.

As to the thought about being the center of influence, I would have to agree with you about the nature of ministry. I think those who want the church to be the center of influence are more interesting in their being the center of influence. If Christ is the center of our life, then we will be lead to the outer edges where those in true need are to be found.

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