Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Moving on

If you look closely at the picture, can you see the walkway between the two buildings?  It high up, at the top of the one in the distance, and it is angled from one level to the next. Steve and I were walking through Minneapolis, and this tiny set of stairs stopped me in my tracks.  I can't even imagine walking on this stairway to reach the other building.

I wonder if we are like that sometimes.  Are we ever in one place - standing on solid footing - but have a need or desire to move to another place?  Does our path seem frightening and disorienting, to the point that no matter how much the other, newer place is calling our name, we refuse to go, because the short stairwell is too frightening?

On the other hand, would there be a better way to move from one building to another?  Why not take the elevator down and walk on the ground to enter the second place?  Do we sometimes insist that the only way to move from one place to another, metaphorically, is by the shortest possible way - a way that is full of danger?  Does our stubbornness sometimes keep us from moving on because getting where we need to go requires patience and hard work?

Still - no way am I walking on that stairwell.

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