Monday, December 06, 2010

Joseph's Faith

He stood in front of the crowd.
People, standing in the heat of the sun
As far as the eyes could see.
They were listening as he taught,
Hoping to hear whispers of the divine
Carried on the hot wind.

As the sun rose to its zenith
The disciples came forward,
Worn to thoughtlessness,
Knowing the hunger in their souls,
he asked, "Where will we find bread?"

As he watched his disciples struggle for faith,
For an answer to his question,
He remembered Joseph
And the stories he had told him.
Instead of lost disciples and hungry followers
He saw Joseph.
He pictured the look of wonder on his face
When he told Jesus of the visit from an angel.

He remembered the story.
He pictured Joseph,
telling him of the angel's promise
When he had been most lost.
Joseph had been told to not be afraid.
He had been told to believe the unbelievable.

Joseph spoke of this visit to the young boy Jesus
In a voice surrounded by wonder,
Over dinner one night
Over bread and fish.
Joseph had said, "Never let them forget
That in God, the impossible is possible."

Jesus witnessed faith
In the life of Joseph.
As Jesus gave thanks for a young boy's bread and fish,
He added gratitude for
What the Father had taught the man
Through an angel.
He believed the impossible.
Showing obedience, hope
Showing Joseph's faith.

Matthew 1:18-25; John 6:1-14

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