Thursday, December 02, 2010

Hey, God, did you know?

I was in a conversation with a person who was talking about her call from God. She was expressing to God her doubt that she was capable of the job he was calling her to do (she was in college at the time). She said, "Have you seen my GPA?"

I love that. It brings to mind several points to me.

  • Do we believe that God is calling us to ministry? Any kind of ministry? Are we listening?
  • If we are listening, then are we willing to express to God our doubts? I hope so. One of my favorite passages in the Old Testament is the conversation between God and Moses. The conversation lasts for a few chapters. Moses lists all of the reasons he is not equipped to do the job God is leading him to do. God participates in the conversation. I think if God didn't want us to be honest with him, he wouldn't have done this.
  • Do we think we are hiding anything from God? Do we think God might not know our skills and gifts? Our shortcomings? Our sins? He knows, even if we like to live in the belief that our deficiencies are hidden.
God knows you. And he's calling you anyway. Me, too.



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