Friday, December 03, 2010

Connected to Worship

The piece of a chapter I read this morning from Bishop Schnase's book was near the end of Passionate Worship. I was struck by this quote:
People who practice Passionate Worship let music into their souls. They lift their voices in praise to God. They let themselves sing.
I attended a funeral a few weeks ago for a pastor in our Annual Conference. He had been a District Superintendent and was currently pastoring a church. He was only 52 when he suddenly died. The church was filled to overflowing for his funeral. We ended up sitting in one of the nursery areas that had a window overlooking the Sanctuary and speakers to hear the service. It was somewhat like watching the funeral on TV (although that was available, too, in the Fellowship Hall). I felt disconnected from the worship taking place beyond the glass window.

When it came time to sing hymns, those of us in this little room stood up and sang. We weren't really adding our voices to those below -- the singing from the Sanctuary was rather muffled over the speaker system. We were just (timidly) singing.

I wonder, sometimes, if that is an analogy to how we approach worship. Do we sometimes feel as if worship is taking place somewhere apart from us, and we are separated from it by glass, with the sound muffled through speakers? Do we sometimes feel disconnected from worship?

What is our response? Do we "let ourselves sing?" Do we let ourselves sing, even though it feels awkward and timid?

When we did, in our little nursery room, we felt as if we were more a part of what was going on -- connected through the music. Participants.

If we will let ourselves sing (whatever singing might mean), will we breakdown the glass, unmuffle the sound, and become participants in worship? If we will do that, then will our griping about what is happening around us cease? Will participation connect us? And if it will, will we take responsibility for the choice?

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