Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Joseph's Courage

He sat in the garden,
The heat of the day still slithering
through the quiet of the night.
Beyond his torment
the disciples stood watch,
with closed eyes
and sleeping hearts.
He was alone with his prayers
and lonely in his fears.

He saw the friends he loved
softly snoring sounds of desertion.
He saw the future,
men coming to take him
where he did not want to go.
The rock under his hand was hard
sharp points piercing his skin
as the sweat of his struggles
dripped like blood.

Jesus remembered Joseph,
and the stories he had told him.
Instead of soldiers quickly approaching
He saw Joseph.
Instead of betrayal by a friend
He saw Joseph.
He pictured his struggling father
searching for the ability to obey.

He remembered the story.
He pictured Joseph, sitting on the ground
Outside the home he had been building
for his new family.
Sitting in the dirt
Tears of despair and disbelief
dripping to the ground.

An angel had come
and had given him instructions,
describing a path that would carry him
through ridicule and shame.
Marry the woman who had seemingly betrayed him.
Claim the child who all believed was the son of another.
He was the son of another.
He was the son of the One.

Joseph had stood.
The only thing holding him up
was his courage.
A gift from the Father.
And he walked to Mary.
Each step requiring fortitude.
And unearthly courage.

And Jesus had witnessed courage
In the life of Joseph.
The son stood, and demonstrated
What the Father had taught the man
Through is Holy presence.
Each walked the road
Showing love, grace,
Showing Joseph's courage.

Luke 22:39-46; John 18:1-4

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