Sunday, December 12, 2010

Friday Five - Tis the Season

From RevGalBlogPal's Friday Five;

For this Friday Five please let us know five of the things that mark the season for you. And the bonus? Tell us one thing that does absolutely nothing for you.

  1. Driving home this evening I told Steve I thought it was time to put up the tree. Seeing lots of trees up in the neighborhood, I'm missing ours. On mornings in December, when the house is still quiet and dark, I'll turn on the tree. I love the lights.
  2. Sending out our church's emailed Advent Devotionals has become a traditional part of Advent for me.
  3. Since the first year Steve and I were married, I've made it a tradition to leave him a gift each morning on the twelve days leading up to Christmas. It's always something small, but I have fun with it. It's one of the ways we count down to the holiday.
  4. Christmas music
  5. During this time we drive around town and look at Christmas lights. I love Christmas lights.

Bonus: Hmmm. Something that doesn't do it for me.......The amount of email I get from stores triples during this season. I would like to have fewer emails in my mail box (from stores and online retail outlets).

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