Monday, November 15, 2010


The RevGalBlogPals Friday Five for last week -- what about winter:

  1. What is your favorite movie for watching when curled up under a wooly blanket? First of all, I would never stayed curled up under a wooly blanket for two whole hours. Once I get warm, the blanket goes away. I don't know if I can pick one particular movie -- it really depends on my mood at the time, but I love watching movies, and would enjoy the two hours. Just don't make me stay under the wool. Let me knit with wool instead.
  2. Likewise, what book? A Nora Roberts book, a Diana Gabaldon book, a Robert Parker book -- and the list goes on and on.
  3. What foods do you tend to cook/eat when it gets cold? Soup. Homemade bread. Spaghetti sauce (homemade). Experiment with new recipes.
  4. What do you like to do if you get a "snow day" (or if you don't get snow days, what if you did)? Bake bread, knit, watch a movie or a series of television shows. I might sleep late if my body and mind would allow it. Light candles. Nap. Read. Work on my blogs.
  5. Do you like winter sports or outdoor activities, or are you more likely to be inside playing a board game? Do you have a favorite (indoors or out)? Do I like to play winter sports? No. And I would be inside. I do take walks in the snow, but it's usually to check the status of our roads. I like to watch winter sports such as skiing and ice-skating.



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