Sunday, November 14, 2010


In Jack's prayer today, he said something like "Shout loudly with our actions." That phrase struck with me. We had just finished singing, "Shout to the Lord, all the earth, let us sing, Power and majesty, praise to the King..."

We think about praising God ... of singing our praises of God. Do we think, though, of praising God through our actions? Do we remember that our actions shout loudly?

There is a church in our area selling white lawn crosses to demonstrate that they are Christians. Is there another way to do that? Can our actions shout that we are Christians?

I was working on our Emmaus newsletter this evening, and thinking about Jack's prayer. I added the following as an article in the newsletter:

Shout…with the way you live your life
Show your praise to the Lord

Christian action doesn’t usually happen by accident – make a plan, and make it happen. How can you shout with the way you live your life of your thanksgiving?

  • Does your local food and clothing pantry need donations?
  • Is someone in your area serving a thanksgiving meal for those who won’t eat otherwise? Can you help?
  • Does one of your neighbors need a visit? And how do you define “neighbor”?
  • Is there someone you can pray for? Is there someone who needs a card? Is there someone who needs a smile or a hug? Is there someone who needs encouragement and affirmation?
Shout to the Lord with your life. As always, he will inhabit our praise.



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