Friday, August 13, 2010

Beyond Fear

Last night was one of those nights when I couldn't get to sleep. Nights like that don't happen very often, as long as I avoid caffeine, and when they do, I just go with it, and stay up watching TV. At about 2:30, I went upstairs and slipped out the back door to watch the meteor shower.

I opened the sliding door and went out, and suddenly became aware of all of the creepy crawly creatures that could be napping or lurking on our back patio. Snakes, insects, mice, detestable, scary stinging biting creatures. Living in the dark, waiting for me to step on them. Escaped felons hiding in the bushes, ready to jump when I took my place on our swing. Who knows what animal from the woods might come out and eat my feet.

I braved my way out, and settled on the swing. Jupiter danced in the sky. Meteors flew. Not many of them (we had a lot of light pollution in our neighborhood ), but I did see them.

Amazing what wonderful things can happen you move through and beyond fear.



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