Thursday, August 12, 2010


I was reading a post at Reflectionary. A mother is grateful that her son survived the roll over of a car. She wonders about miracles.
I still cannot understand how he happened to survive, how all three of the boys involved managed to live through it. As a good theological liberal, I can't give God the credit without wondering why that same God would not intervene on behalf of other young people, or old people, for that matter. I only know I'm thankful. I only know I'm breathing deeply again.
I have the same tight rope to walk in my faith. I cringe when someone says, "God saved me from a car accident because he has a purpose for my life," because I'm sure God has a purpose for all of our lives. Why would he elevate one person's life over another? Does making a statement like that infer that God has no purpose for the one he did not save?

A pastor of mine, many years ago, taught me that when I didn't understand a theological issue, to place it "on the shelf." Set it aside, and move on, rather than letting it be a stumbling block. Eventually, perhaps not until the other side of heaven, an answer will be provided.

So, I'll stand in gratitude. Miracles, by nature, defy explanation.

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