Thursday, August 05, 2010


I just read an article about the recent Boy Scouts Jamboree in Virginia (link here). Bishop Tom Bickerton presented the Nothing but Nets Campaign to the Boy Scouts gathered in Virginia, challenging them to raise more money than had been gathered at a recent youth event -- $10,000. The Boy Scouts beat it.

I witnessed Bishop Bickerton make this kind of challenge at a Youth Event in 2007. He talked about the difference the kids could make in the world, and then dropped a $10 on the stage. The crowd came forth, in the most moving offering I have ever seen, throwing money on the stage. Thousands of dollars were raised.

Passion. It is something Bishop Bickerton has for this project, and he is able to transmit that passion to those around him when he talks about Nothing but Nets.

Do we have passion? Are we able to make our passion for Christ contagious?

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