Monday, March 15, 2010

Two Reasons

It occurred to me today that the reason I started coming to church when I was in high school and the reason I still come to church are not the same thing. I know that doesn't sound like a revelation, but I think we sometimes operate in the church as if the two reasons are the same.

I started attending the church where I eventually became a member because someone invited me. It was a personal invitation, offered by a friend, that made me feel welcome to come with her to church.

I'm not still attending because she invited me. I now attend because I love the people in the church, I love the United Methodist faith, I feel I can use my gifts for ministry, I enjoy the programming.

I think we try to attract members with programming, with opportunities for sharing gifts, with a congregation that feels like a family and is welcoming to the people we know, because these are the reasons we love the church.

What we really need to do is offer an invitation.

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