Sunday, March 14, 2010


We were talking today in Sunday about a burdens we carry. Jan, who taught the class, said that it was a tradition (of the Romans? I'm missing that part in my brain) was that when a person caused the death of someone else, part of the punishment was that the corpse would be strapped to the person's back and that he would have to walk around with it.

I'm glad that when I hurt someone, I don't physically have to carry him or her around, but I do think we strap on burdens with the chains of guilt.

We talk in the grace class about forgiveness, and how we have already been forgiven for the sins we have committed. Forgiveness, I have said in class, is separate from confession. I tell the class that so that they will realize that they can (with God's help) forgive someone without their confession or contrition.

Even so, confession and repentance has a role in our healing. Confession is acknowledging the sin. Asking forgiveness (and receiving forgiveness) can be the key to unlocking the chains that bind the burden to our backs.

There is no time limit -- confession is timeless, and can lighten our load.



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