Friday, September 15, 2006


From Psalm 1

The person who does not listen to the wicked,
Who chooses not to stand with sinners,
Or to join in with those who are mean
Or with bullies who are hurtful,
Will be walking a path which leads to abiding joy in life.

That person's blessings will be found
As he listens to God,
And finds the delight of obedience.
A child of God will give every moment to his Father,
Focus each thought on His words,
Day and night will be dedicated to His will.

God plants his children on the riverbank of His grace,
And nourishes them with His spirit,
Flowing like life-giving water.
In turn, they bear the fruit of a close relationship with Him.
They are ever full of life,
And the touch of God is seen on every thing they do.

The wicked and evil are dry and lifeless,
Separated by their own choices from His grace.
They are rootless and are without anchor.
As the winds blow,
They roll away like tumbleweed.

As the sheep and the goats were separated,
So the godly and the sinners will find
God's judgment.
Those who have clothed themselves in the coat of forgiveness,
And who wear grace like a mantle,
Will find that they are in the company of God.

We stand at a crossroads.
One path leads to life with God,
Life everlasting.
The other one does not.


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