Monday, February 04, 2019

Silent Black Screen


I'm still here, but haven't been posting.  About the time I planned to return to the blog, my computer died.  It was fine on a Thursday when I used it happily for several hours, but by Sunday, it would not power on.  Just silent.  All amateur and professional attempts to revive it were not fruitful.  It remains dead.  It Will Not Power On.  Period.

I've ordered a new computer, and I am told it will be here this week.  Life is too busy at work for me to blog from there, so the blog will remain silent a little while longer.

The funeral for the dead computer will be delayed until the computer surgeon is able to extract its brain and transfer its thoughts, hopes, and aspirations to the new computer.

I hope you are staying warm and safe, and that your electronic equipment is alive and kicking.

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