Friday, December 01, 2017

Perspectives: Underneath

This is the ceiling in the Charlotte Airport. Or, I should say - it is what will be behind the ceiling when the renovations to the ceiling are completed.

It's not a pretty picture. There is nothing unusal or impressive about it. I took the picture because it reminded me that what we see in people - or in an organization - may not be the same as what is beneath.

That doesn't mean the ceiling, when it is completed, will be a lie, or that it will be in inauthentic ceiling.

It just means that we have a part of us that is visible to those around us, and underneath that, is a part of us that is private. We need to remember that when we look at other people, we are only seeing the surface. With our closest friends and family, we may know more about what lies underneath, but even then, not all of it.

I think this is a good reminder, though, especially when we deal with acquaintances or those people we really don't know. We don't know what is behind the public "face" of them.

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