Monday, December 18, 2017

Our Days

Inspired by Psalm 90

We think we are strong.
We imagine, sometimes, that we are invincible.
Invisible to the pain of death.
And then we realize that we are not.

We dwell in your house, O God.
We were born in you - created in you.
As were all who came before us. 
At the beginning of time,
when the mountains rose from the sea,
and the earth was formed,
you were there,
and you created us.

You know, even when we forget, 
that we are dust,
and to dust we will return.
Time is nothing to you.

Hours and minutes are meaningless,
you sweep them away like a dream.
The grass grows,
the grass fades as the sun sets.

When we open ourselves to your presence,
we realize our sin.
Your righteous anger is justified.
Our sins overwhelm us.
Our disobedience overtakes us.
You set it before us.
Shine light on it.
And we cannot avoid it.

All our days pass by
and our years end like a quiet sigh.
Seventy. Eighty. Perhaps.
Even in your presence,
we do not live in heaven.
Life passes. Trouble passes.
And they are gone. And we fly away.

You are God.
Your majesty and divinity are great before us.
Teach us to count our days.
Grant us the wisdom it brings.

Shine your light, we pray.
Grant us grace in your compassion.
Fill us with your unending, loyal love
so that we may find joy
each day we have been given.
Open our eyes to your presence each day we have been given.
Let your favor be upon us,
and may the work we do
be the work you set for us
so that the days we have been given
have divine meaning.

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Blogger birdwatcher said...

Thank you for this message - it is exactly what I needed to read this am.

8:37 AM  

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