Monday, December 04, 2017

A Different Way

Earlier this week, I had a meeting at a church, and was traveling to the church in the dark through unfamiliar territory. I was following my GPS, and the directions took me on a backroad, through mountains and farmland. It was a dark, lonely, twisting, rough road (can you tell I didn't like it?), and most of the time the only reason I kept driving was that I blindly following the directions on my GPS.  

The whole time I was driving - over half an hour in the middle of no where, I kept thinking that there had to be a better way to get where I was going.  I was certain I wasn't returning to where I had started using the road I was on.  I would find a better way.

When we know where we are going, are we sometimes convinced that we way we are trying to get there isn't the best way to accomplish what we are doing? In the church, do we keep "traveling" a path that isn't the best one to use? And do we ever say, "Is there a better way to get there?"

Sometimes the path we are on is an old one - one that we have used many times - and the only reason we stay on it is fear of change.  Sometimes the path we are on is one that is designed by someone else (like my GPS), and we stay on it because we haven't done the research we need to do to find a different way. Sometimes the path we are on is going to the wrong place (my real fear the other night), and we are too stubborn to admit it.

We need to ask the important questions, and then act on our answers - and find the differnet, better way.

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