Tuesday, December 12, 2017

O God, my God

Reading Praying Our Tears from Peterson's book, Psalms: Prayers of the Heart. The chapter is about Psalm 6, and this poem is inspired by it.

She sat on the floor,
head in her hands.
Her grief was a living thing
surrounding her,
suffocating her.
So she prayed.

O God, my God,
do not be angry with me.
I could not bear another weight on my soul.
Send me your grace,
Save me in my lifelessness.
Heal me, O God, my God.
My bones are shaking with fear and sorrow.
My soul is struck with terror.
I cannot see you.
How long will you be gone?

Come back, O God, my God,
Find me, save me,
if you have ever loved me,
love me now.
In this valley of death I cannot hear your voice.
I cannot remember your presence.
Are you here?
In this hell, how can I find the words to praise you?
How could anyone?

I am so tired.
The moans from my soul are weak.
Every sleepless night I drown in my own tears.
My bed is full of tears.
My eyes are wasting away in the sorrow.
I think I cannot possibly cry anymore, 
and yet I do.

O God, my God,
save me from my own thoughts.
I have faith that you have heard me in this depth,
and that you have heard my prayers.
I have faith that you have brought me close.
I see a small light.

And I know it is you.

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