Friday, December 08, 2017

The Facets of Salvation

Eugene Peterson's book, Psalms: Prayers of the Heart, suggests that we look at Psalm 103 as a poem that expresses the experience of salvation. I read the Psalm and listed what I found as the facets of salvation (from Psalm 103)

The Lord:

  • hears our prayers
  • forgives our sins
  • heals our deiseases
  • redeems our lives from the Pit
  • grants us steadfast love
  • gives us mercy
  • satisfies us
  • stays with us as long as we live
  • renews our youth
  • lifts us up like an eagle
  • works vidication
  • brings justice
  • makes himself known
  • is gracious
  • is slow to anger
  • is filled with love
  • sometimes does not accuse
  • does not keep his anger forever
  • does not deal with us according to our sin
  • does not repay us for what we have done wrong
  • has love that is larger than we can imagine
  • separates us from our sin with a distance that we cannot express
  • loves us as children
  • is compassionate toward us
  • remembers how we are made
  • remembers that we are from dust
  • has love that is eternal, and gives it to us

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