Thursday, June 01, 2017

Perspectives: Draw the Circle Wide

 "Draw the circle, draw the circle wide.
No one stands alone,
we’ll stand side by side. 
Draw the circle, draw the circle wide."
Lyrics by Gordon Light.

A few times now, my church has sung this song. The last time we did, the choir walked down the aisles, and stood there as we sang. The congregation got up and joined them so that we encircled the church, singing together. It was wonderful.

As we sang, and later, as I thought about it, I realized something. I don't believe that for worship to be genuine, you always have to "feel" it. There is something beautiful about "knowing" your beliefs. In your mind.

Sometimes, though, it is good to feel your faith. To feel the unity of standing together as a church, and singing your mission - to draw the circle wide. Feeling it can increase your faith - can increase your confidence in the idea that we are a church - that together, we CAN draw the circle wide. That we can really change the world. 

Together, as the body of Christ.

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