Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Summer Plans

So, what will you be doing this summer?

In past years, I have taken a break from blogging during the summer. I haven't ruled that out, but thought I might try something else instead.

My plan for this summer (as it stands right now) is this:
  1. Post four times a week instead of five.  I'll take Fridays off.
  2. Stop posting Logos posts. Those are usually on Fridays, so I won't restrict myself to doing one of those every week.
  3. Think about a few mini-series of posts - four posts in a week connected to each other. I already have some ideas about those, so I'll flesh those out.
  4. As I usually do, if I'm on vacation, I'll take a blogging break.

I hope you enjoy your summer! Take some Fridays off - I love Fridays. There is something special about them - full of potential.

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