Monday, March 23, 2015

Call to Worship

Leader:  The gates are open; Christ has opened them.
Give thanks and praise to God that we may enter into God's house.

People:  We give thanks to God that God has answered,
has listened, has saved us.  We remember that Christ, the living capstone, was rejected, humiliated and died for us.  We bring our confession to worship.

Leader:  Remember God's work among us.  Open your eyes and see.  Open your hearts and believe.

People:  In this very day; in this very hour, God is at work, and we bring our joy to worship.

Leader:  Come into worship, knowing that you have been freed from sin into joy.  We are now free to live a full life in God.  You are a beloved people, blessed by God.

People:   God is God, and we are grateful that we stand in the light of his Word.  We bring our gratitude to worship.

All:  We lift our worship to God and give God praise that his love never ends.

Inspired by Psalm 118:19-29

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