Monday, February 23, 2015

Transformation in Transfiguration

Have you read the Transfiguration story in Mark 1:2-9?  Probably.  Go read it again, but this time, place yourself in Peter's sandals.  Can you imagine his reaction to what he saw?  No wonder he wanted to build a place to stay forever.  

I think that often, when we read this passage, or when it is preached, we focus on Jesus' taking them back down the mountain, to service. Vitally important, no doubt.

But give yourself permission to sit for just a moment in Peter's awe.  Do we allow ourselves to do that?  The light of transfiguration can be a transformational light for us.  To just allow ourselves to feel that awe and reverence, to recognize once again that God is God, and Jesus is Jesus, is to allow God to strengthen our faith.  Give yourself that gift.  Take just a moment before you head down the hill into service, and stand in awe of God.

It's interesting that Jesus doesn't request or seem to expect any particular kind of response from Peter, James and John.  He just takes them so that they can witness what happens.  Just see it.

God offers us the same gift.

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