Wednesday, February 04, 2015

A Delayed Thank You

Today, a gentleman named Mark called our office to speak to me.  He was calling to thank me for a scholarship we sent to him from a Trust we hold at our Foundation.  That's a great kind of call to receive, and it reminds me that the work we do here changes lives.

What was even more interesting was that we sent him the scholarship in 2012.  "I've been meaning to call you and thank you or to write a letter."  Over two years have gone by, and still he remembers the scholarship and has a need to thank us for it.  And the truth is, the thank you is just as wonderful today as it would have been in 2012 - maybe even more so.

What's on your mind that you need to do?  Is there a sympathy card you meant to send out, but didn't get to?  Is there a thank you or an encouragement that has stayed on your mind?  Can you follow Mark's example and pick up the phone or your pen or pull out your keyboard, and go ahead and do what God is nudging you to do?  It's probably not too late.  Go ahead.



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