Thursday, February 12, 2015

Joy in the Other

V. Bruce Rigdon wrote, in Disciples 2015, "Love thrives and grows by finding joy in the other and expressing it in praise and thanks."

That's certainly an excellent reason for praising God, if we needed another one.  Our continuing praise of God strengthens our relationship with God.  It's not because God needs us to list out the ways God is to be praised, but because we do.  We need it.  When we increase our awareness of reasons why we love God, we are changed.  Our relationship to God is changed.  We are then able to love others.

So, how else can we apply that theory?  Where in your life could you strengthen your relationship with someone else by finding joy in the other person?  What ways can you find to express it?  Who needs a words of encouragement?  Can you find - in your perception of that person - something to praise?  Can you find joy in the other person and share it with them?  And can you do it in a way that is authentic?

If you can't, perhaps God can help you (and me) to do it.  Maybe that's part of loving our neighbors?

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