Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Give Praise to the Lord

Psalm 147:1-6

Give praise to the Lord.
Everyone, everything.
Praise the Lord.

It is a right and joyous thing
to sing praise to our God,
for he is full of grace,
and our spirits cannot help but sing God's praise.

God builds up,
God gathers us together,
all of us,
even those we would send away.
God gathers us together,
and hold us in his embrace.

God heals
those with broken hearts,
shattered with grief or pain.
He binds up our wounds,
Kissing them with a healing touch.

God turns and counts the stars
that he has created,
finding joy in each one,
knowing the name
that he has given to it.

Great is our Lord.
Abundant in power,
Full of wisdom and understanding,
beyond anything we can comprehend.
Great is our Lord,
and worthy to be praised.

The Lord reaches out to lift up
the downtrodden,
and protects them from the wicked.
He holds the hands of those in need.

Praise the Lord
with your song.
Everyone, everything,
Praise the Lord

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