Friday, January 30, 2015

A Call to Worship

A call to worship
(Inspired by Psalm 111)

Sing a song of praise to the Lord.
Let your heart be full of gratitude
as we stand together,
the Body of Christ.

Open your eyes and see
the great work of the Lord
everywhere we look,
all around us.

God's hands have touched
the air we breathe,
the light that surrounds us
Great is the work of the Lord
and majestic to behold,
stretching beyond the reach of time.

We know him by his works.
We are grateful for his mercy and grace;
we are sustained by his spirit
and dependent upon his faithfulness.

Sing a song of praise to the Lord.
Let your gratitude be the melody
and your adoration the harmony.
As we remind each other of God's power and grace
shown throughout time,
as we are blessed by God's faithfulness and justice,
sing a song of praise to the Lord,
and let your trust in him
build the rhythm of your song.

Great is the Lord.
Add your song to the symphony of time.
God guides our steps
with loyalty and righteousness,
offering salvation as a gift,
offering himself as eternity,
Holy and awesome is God's name.

Reverence for the Lord
is where wisdom begins.
Our faith and praise bring us closer to God
and our song can be sung without end.

Sing a song of praise to the Lord.

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