Thursday, January 16, 2014

In Communion

What is communion?  To have / take / be in communion?  We often say that we are "having" communion or that we "take" communion.  As I thought about it this afternoon, I wondered if those were good words to describe communion.

Is communion just an event in the order of worship?  Is it something we "do" and then move on to the next item?

Or is it something  more?

Our pastor's son-in-law died last week.  I sent him a picture I took during worship as he blessed the communion elements, and told him to remember this week, as he goes through the funeral, that he is IN communion.

What difference does that word make?

We are in communion, and God calls us to remember that during the ritual.  We are in communion with God -- in relationship with God.  God calls us to that relationship, and God loves us.  We are in communion with God, and that makes a difference in our lives.

We are in communion with each other - not just during the time of worship that we receive the bread and juice, but also before and after that.  We are in relationship with each other, and that makes a difference in our lives.

We are in communion with those who have gone before.  We are separated from those who have died, but we are still in communion with them.  We are still a part of the kingdom of God, and so are they, and that makes a difference.

I love communion -- I love the prayers, the words, the ritual.  I find grace in the actions that we take together.  Today, I remember that we are in communion all the time, and we are called to remember it.

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