Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Who Needs Worship?

I mentioned yesterday that I had listened to a Ted Talk Radio podcast called Believers and Doubters.

I hope you will excuse my fuzziness in telling this story, but short of listening to the podcast again, I don't recall all of the details.  One of the people interviewed was talking about her doubt of God.  She wondered if God was insecure because he required so much worship and praise.

Are we called to worship God?  To praise God?  I think we are.  Are we called to do it because God needs it?  Because he demands it out of some arrogant need for affirmation.  No.

We are called to worship and praise God because WE need it.  We need a time to bring all that we have to God and to give it to God.  Our hearts, our minds, our worries, our gifts.  We need to praise and worship God because it resets our relationship.  Worship reminds us who is in charge. Worship reminds us whose we are.

Through worship, God reaches to us in grace and power and touches our lives.  Does God desire that?  Yes.  And isn't that amazing and wonderful?

Is God an arrogant version of Zeus on Olympus demanding adoration?  No.  God is a dying man on a cross, loving us so much that he gave it all for us.  He calls us to worship so that we can be a part of that love.



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