Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Into Our Hands

In his sermon late last month, Joe asked us to consider why God didn't call a "son" (a descendant) of David to be the Messiah.  Think about that -- God had been calling people to do God's work all throughout time.  It was what was expected by the Jews, who were watching for a Messiah. Even so, that wasn't what God did.

God gave his only begotten son to be the Messiah.  God didn't just entrust the work to be done to a human:  God gave his son into the hands of a human -- into the hands of a son of David.  That was an incredible risk to take.  It required incredible love for us.

Joe went on to compare what God did -- placing his son in the hands of humans -- to what we say at funerals:  into God's hands we give the life of our loved one.  It's wrenching and terrifying, and it's an incredible risk to take, and yet we believe.

Perhaps we believe because we have been believed in.  Perhaps we can trust God because God has trusted us.  Perhaps we can expect eternal life for those we love because God became human.



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